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Restructuring and Revitalization

During the years following the people-backed military coup that ousted President Marcos and installed President Corazon C. Aquino in 1986, the BSP focused on the shaky financial disposition of the organization.

In 1989 the annual search for the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts (TOBS) was launched, this helped to promote to inculcate more values into the Scouting program and in 1994 the annual search for the Ten Outstanding Scoutmaster (TOSM) was launched to recognize professionals and volunteers who have enriched the Scouting program through their efforts.

On March 24, 1992 a new BSP Law was passed under Republic Act No. 7278, which required restructuring of the organization within six month's time. The new law provided a more democratic structure for the BSP unlike its predecessors Presidential Decree 460 and Commonwealth Act 111.

Scouting for the Masses

The late 1980s saw the formation of the Boy Scouts Foundation of the Philippines, which is aimed at enabling poor but promising young Scouts to attend international Jamborees.

Initiatives was also taken to bring back the interest in neighborhood Scouting. This is a concept that brings Scouting to the baranggays through the formation of troops among boys in a neighborhood regardless of whether they are in school or not. Providing a chance for out-of-school boys to enter the movement and avoids inefficiencies arising from the BSP's school-based recruitment program.

Program Changes

Another program change took effect on July 10, 1987 when the BSP launched the New Three-Sectional Program in which was entitled "New Horizons in Philippine Scouting." The sections were KAB Scouting (7-10), Young Scouting (10-13), and Senior Scouting (13-17.5). This did not last long as it did not gain support in the field.

During the decade that followed, numerous changes were further effected in the BSP program which included the revival, but revision to cater to the needs and answer the criticism of the previous programs. The revival of the Rover Scouting program in 1990; the creation of a fifth section, the KID - Kabataan Imumulat Diwa - Program for aged 5-6.5 in 1994, and the adoption of the Scout Oath and Law in Filipino.

Currently the sectional programs are: KID Scouting (5-6.5), KAB Scouting (7-10), Boy Scouting (10-17.5), Senior Scouting (13-17.5), and Rover Scouting (17-23).

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