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Advancement Rank

These are the advancement ranks for both the Boy Scout and Senior Scout programs of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Boy Scouting is not a pre-requisite for Senior Scouting and a Boy Scout is not required to go through Senior Scouting to achieve the rank of Outdoorsman Scout. Trail to Eagle is merely my personal way of categorizing the common ranks between both programs.

Note that under the Trail to Eagle section, some requirements relating to merit badges and specialist ratings becomes unworkable due to poor planning on the part of our national council's program department. Let me explain why.

Learn the basic idea of the Scout Advancement Process.

Boy Scout Program

Senior Scout Program

Trail to Eagle

Eagle Scout Anahaw Award

After a Scout has earned the Eagle Scout Rank and before reaching the age of 17 years, he can go on to pursue the Anahaw Award. In addition to the 21 Merit Badges for the Eagle Scout Rank, the Anahaw Award may be granted as follows:

  1. For any 2 additional Specialist Rating after earning the Eagle Scout Rank - Bronze Anahaw Award.
  2. For any 2 additional Specialist Rating after earning the Bronze Anahaw Award - Silver Anahaw Award.
  3. For any 2 additional Specialist Rating after earning the Silver Anahaw Award - Gold Anahaw Award.

The Bronze Anahaw Award shall be given only after at least three-(3) months of active Scouting as an Eagle Scout. Subsequent Anahaw Awards may be made at intervals not less the four-(4) months of tenure following the conferment of an Anahaw Award of lower grade.


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