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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an official Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) website?

Are you endorsed by the BSP?

You are one of the sites linked on the BSP website, isn't that a sign of endorsement?
Our inclusion in the affiliate list of the official BSP website does not mean recognition or endorsement.

How much acceptance does the materials on the website receive from the BSP?
Almost all the documents and materials on the website has been used by the local councils and districts of the BSP. Patrol Leader Training Courses (PLTC) and Basic Training Courses (BTC) in the country have includes materials from the website as part of a CD-ROM distribution.

Do you sell Boy Scout merchandise?
No. Direct all inquiries to the official BSP website.

How do I link to your site?
Link to If interested, you may also use our banner ads or our Merit Badge Quick link.

How can I help the Merit Badge Center?
There are many ways of helping.

  • Spread the word about the Merit Badge Center within your institution.
  • If you have your own website, you can provide a link to the Merit Badge Center. Doing so however does not guarantee reciprocity.
  • If your website offers assistance in earning advancement ranks or merit badges, submit your site so we may consider them into our massive list of resource links.
  • If you have original works such as publications, cliparts, or resources that are Scouting related, share them with us so we can share them to everyone! Appropriate credits will be accorded to you. Send them to
  • Participate in the Discussion Network.

The Merit Badge Center does not accept monetary assistance. Please direct your monetary assistance to your local Scout council.

May I link to a specific merit badge instead of the main page?
Yes. Please limit your links to one specific merit badge. If you plan to link to two or more merit badges, please use our Merit Badge Quick Link or link to our main merit badge list page.

May I use or modify the Merit Badge Worksheets?
Yes. I don't see why you will need to, but you can go ahead and modify it to fit your needs. You may also freely distribute these worksheets.

Can the Merit Badge Worksheet be used in lieu of a Merit Badge Counselor?
No. The Merit Badge worksheets were created to assist in the counseling process. The worksheets were not created to substitute or replace the Merit Badge Counselor. BSP advancement scheme requires a duly registered Merit Badge Counselor to certify the completion of the Merit Badge.

May a Counselor simply require the worksheet to complete a Merit Badge?
That is up to the counselor whether it meets his or her requirement as satisfactorily meeting the requirements of the Merit Badge as setforth by the BSP.

May I use the merit badge and advancement rank graphics?
The BSP allows the use of these graphics for the purpose of the Scouting program. They should never be used for any other purpose, especially if its use will blemish the good name of the BSP, solicit donations for groups other than the BSP, or promoting a product not endorsed by the BSP.

May I used the Merit Badge Center Logo for our school publication?
You are granted limited use of the logo as provided by our terms and conditions. The logo may not be altered in any way and may not be made part of a bigger picture. It should be on solid background (preferably white) with nothing covering any part of it. The logo may not be used for any other purpose without the consent of the Merit Badge Center.

May I print all the merit badge requirements and distribute it to my unit?
Yes. But it will definitely be more economical to purchase the Merit Badge and Advancement Handbook from your local Scout Shop. It will cost five to ten times as much to print all these requirements out by yourself. The book includes all rank requirements, merit badge requirements, steps in advancement, steps in earning merit badges, list of specialist ratings, and merit badge groups.

May I distribute the Adobe Acrobat BSP forms?
Yes. You may post these forms on your website or include them into your CD distribution.

Do you publish a list of merit badge counselors?
No. We will not publish such a list for reasons of safety. Consult your unit leader for your own unit's list or your district leaders for a copy of the district list of counselors.

May I copy the contents of pages linked as resource links?
You must direct your question to the owners or administrators of these resource links. Resources under "Local Links" are the property of the Merit Badge Center and may be freely copied and distributed.

ATTENTION SCOUTS AND SCOUTERS! The Merit Badge Center is not a substitute for Merit Badge Counseling with a Certified Merit Badge Counselor of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. The center is merely a tool to contribute to the effectiveness of the Merit Badge Counseling process. Scouts should consult with their unit leaders regarding to earning their merit badges.


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