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Livestock Raising

    (Livestock here means cattle, carabaos, horses, goats, hogs, or sheep)

  1. Explain the importance of livestock raising in the country today. Explain why meat is important in daily life.

  2. Suggest to your parents that you raise livestock in your backyard. Look and make a research on livestock raising.

  3. Make a record of sanitation, food, water, shade, and pasture. Outline in writing the proper feeding form, and the breeding time through weaning of a litter of animals.

  4. Discuss fattening and growth of livestock.

  5. Describe two (2) breeds of animals with which you are personally familiar. Name at least two other breeds.

  6. Visit a farm where livestock raising is a major project, or visit a packing plant or stockyard. Describe the results of your visit.

  7. Tell and show how meat is produced.


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