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Machine Shop Practice

  1. Visit a machine shop, trade school, or a factory using or manufacturing machinery. Observe the benchwork, power equipment, machine tools, and safety devices to protect workers, and make a report of this visit.

  2. Name the uses of the following: lathe, planer, shaper, power and drill press.

  3. Name and tell the uses of at least ten (10) of the principal hand tools used by machinists.

  4. Show the divisions of a foot, an inch, a meter, and a centimeter.

  5. Make a rough sketch of a ball peen hammer head.

  6. Demonstrate how to read a vernier and a micrometer caliper.

  7. Enumerate ten (10) safety rules to be followed while operating machines.

  8. Demonstrate the operation of a machine in a machine shop, observing the proper safety rules.


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