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Metal Work

  1. Show the divisions of a foot, a meter, and a centimeter.

  2. Show how to make common joints and seams in a sheet metal, such as lap.

  3. Use tin cans to make two useful things that need cutting, bending, and edging.

  4. Show how to use the following tools: soldering copper, iron file, ball peen hammer, tinner's snips, pliers, hacksaw, blow torch, and hand drill.

  5. Do the following:
    1. Draw working sketches of a cake pan and a funnel.
    2. Make patterns based on the working sketches you made.

  6. Make any of the following articles by sawing, filing, riveting, and/or drilling: wire hangers, frames of a lamp shade, hinges, candle stand, caliper, paper weight, bird cage, wire waste basket, dish rack, wire wall planter, soap dish, wire decors, garden trowel, spoon, tray, soup ladle, etc.


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