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Pet Care

  1. Present evidence that you have cared for a pet for four months. Get the approval of your Troop Leader/Outfit Advisor before you start.

  2. Prepare and explain a plan for the management of a farm animal. Show what must be done to prevent illness, blemishes, and defects.

  3. Tell the symptoms of, and explain how to care for two of the following:
    1. Dogs - distemper and rabies
    2. Carabaos - exhaustion from heat, and anthrax
    3. Hogs - cholera, poisoning, ticks, and foot and mouth diseases
    4. Cows - milk fever and prussic acid poisoning
    5. Horses - Lameness and exhaustion from heat
    6. Sheep and Goats - foot and mouth diseases, and anthrax

  4. Show how to treat the following:
    1. A broken bone
    2. A sprain
    3. Serious bleeding
    4. An open sore

  5. Do any one of the following:
    1. Help take care of a sick or hurt animal for at least four days.
    2. Work with local groups to help animals.
    3. Work with local groups in preventing an infectious disease to which farm animals are subject.


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