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  1. Describe the purpose, preparation, and manufacture of various articles of pottery. Be able to tell the different kinds of clay. Name the best kinds for making pottery.

  2. Draw two pottery forms, one of which must be decorated.

  3. Design and mold by hand five pottery forms, such as:
    1. an ordinary cooking pot
    2. a water jar
    3. a water pitcher
    4. a bowl
    5. a flower vase
    6. a frying pan
    7. a plate
    8. a drinking mug
    9. a basin

  4. Describe the methods of firing and glazing pottery.

  5. Tell something about the wares of one of the following people or places: Ilocos, Pasig, Greece, Delft, Damascus, Sevres, Luca dela Robbia, Josiah Wedgewood.


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