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  1. Show that you have read twelve books as approved by your Counselor within the past year (not more than three of these from school outside reading requirements). The twelve books should include at lease one each from three of the following classifications - fiction, adventure, Scouting, biography, technical, or scientific reading, travel, poetry, or books on hobbies. Present list of books read and authors.

  2. Indicate the places in your community, province, or city from which you may borrow, rent, or purchase books - and present a library card or other evidence to show how you secured the books in Requirement Number 1.

  3. Develop a satisfactory bibliography from public or school library index, from publisher's catalogs, government lists or other sources, on one of your hobbies or special interests, and include at least two of these among the twelve books read in Requirement Number 1.

  4. List the books you own as a start towards a personal library, and tell how you acquired them.

  5. Report on newspapers or news magazines you read to keep posted on current events.

  6. Be a subscriber or a regular reader of a magazine for at least the preceding six months. Report any other magazines read.

  7. Locate and deliver reading matter to some shut-in or sick person, or help someone find books on his hobby, or render service to your school or public library, or perform some other similar service.


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