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  1. Make a report on what happens to an article of merchandise from each of five retail stores from the time it leaves the manufacturer until it reaches the consumer.

  2. Explain the value of a salesman between manufacturer and distributor, between distributor and retailer, or between manufacturer and retailer.

  3. Sell a definite quantity of merchandise, the total sales value of which is in excess of P200, and relate your selling experience - including the methods you used to influence people, and how you overcame "sales resistance".

  4. Explain the part of importance of selling in business.

  5. Explain how ideas are formed, and how a salesman can lead a customer to decide to buy.

  6. Do the following:
    1. Sell at a profit something you have made or grown. Keep the necessary records to enable you to fix the right selling price, and tell how much profit you have made.
    2. Obtain and hold for three months, a selling job after school hours, Saturday afternoons, or vacations.
    3. Visit a business concern and learn how its product is sold. Describe the selling process. Take with you at least ten questions prepared in advance.
    4. Name five fundamental requirements of successful salesmanship.
    5. Visit a successful salesman in your community, and find out what he thinks of selling as a lifework. Write in 500-word report about this.

  7. Explain the following:
    1. "Every man is a salesman. He must sell himself his time, his ideas, his service".
    2. Why truthfulness about an article is one of the outstanding requirements of good selling.
    3. What it is that every salesman sells his employer.
    4. How courtesy to prospective customers aids selling.

  8. Compare two typical stores, and give points where the one excels the other - giving the reasons for such superiority, basing your comparisons on the following:
    1. Store location
    2. Store appearance
    3. Store capital as seen in goods offered for sale
    4. Attitude of salespeople
    5. Prices
    6. Other factors


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