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  1. Earn the Swimming Merit Badge

  2. Explain the rules in skin diving.

  3. Present and explain to your Counselor the basic equipment for skin diving.

  4. Do the following:
    1. Sink basic equipment in deep water of swimming pool. Dive for each item in turn and fit at surface.
    2. Fin 150 meters, surface during every 20 meters (i.e. six times).
    3. Perform three rolls forward, three rolls backward (breath may be taken between rolls).
    4. Fin 15 meters under water. Hold breath for 20 seconds under water.
    5. Fin 30 meters wearing 4.5 kilograms weight. Release weight belts in deep water. Remove mask.
    6. Fin 30 meters face submerged, using snorkel tube and mask, finish at deep end. Replace mask, finish at deep end. Replace mask, surface dive, recover and refit weight belt. Give signal, "I am okay".


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