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Team Sports

  1. Explain sportsmanship. Tell why it is important. Give several examples of good sportsmanship in sports. Relate one of these to everyday citizenship off the sports field.

  2. Take part for one full season as a member of an organized team in one of the following sports : baseball, basketball, bowling, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, or any other recognized team sport approved in advance by your Counselor, except boxing and karate.

  3. Take part in one of the following sports on a competitive basis in two organized meets or tournaments: archery, badminton, bowling, cycling, judo, orienteering, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, or any other recognized sport approved in advance by your Counselor, except boxing and karate.

  4. Make a set of training rules for the sport selected. Tell why these rules are important. Follow these rules.

  5. Design exercises for these sports. Keep a record of how you do in these sports for one season. Show how you have improved.

  6. Show proper techniques in the two sports selected.

  7. Explain the attributes of a good team leader, and a good team player.

  8. Draw diagrams of the playing areas for the two selected sports.

  9. Explain the rules and etiquette for the two selected sports. List the equipment needed. Describe the protective equipment needed, and tell why it is needed. Tell what it does.


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