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Advancement Worksheets

Use these worksheet to assist you or your Scouts to do their advancement and merit badge work. As of the moment we are just starting this project. Microsoft Word format is provided so you may customize the worksheet with your own branding.

Special Requests. Currently, we are working on the worksheets in alphabetical order. If you need a worksheet for a specific Merit Badge that you are currently working on, please send me an e-mail at and we will accommodate you. The next worksheet to be worked on is Beekeeping.

Advancement Rank

Advancement Rank Adobe PDF Word Doc Last Update
Membership Badge (Boy Scout) PDF DOC  
Tenderfoot Class Scout PDF DOC  
Second Class Scout PDF DOC  
First Class Scout PDF DOC  
Membership Badge (Senior Scout) PDF DOC  
Explorer Scout PDF DOC  
Pathfinder Scout PDF DOC  
Outdoorsman Scout PDF DOC  
Venturer Scout PDF DOC  
Eagle Scout PDF DOC  

Merit Badges Required for Eagle

Merit Badge Adobe PDF Word Doc Last Update
Boating PDF DOC  
Camping PDF DOC  
Citizenship in the Community PDF DOC  
Citizenship in the Home PDF DOC  
Citizenship in the Nation PDF DOC  
Ecology PDF DOC  
Electricity PDF DOC  
Emergency Preparedness PDF DOC  
Filipino Heritage PDF DOC  
First Aid PDF DOC  
Go Green PDF DOC  
Grow Green PDF DOC  
Lifesaving PDF DOC  
Physical Fitness PDF DOC  
Safety PDF DOC  
Soil and Water Conservation PDF DOC  
Swimming PDF DOC  
Tree Farming PDF DOC  
Weather PDF DOC  
World Brotherhood PDF DOC  

All Other Merit Badges

Merit Badge Adobe PDF Word Doc Last Update
Agriculture PDF DOC  
Animal Study PDF DOC  
Archery PDF DOC  
Architecture PDF DOC  
Astronomy PDF DOC  
Athletics PDF DOC  
Automobiling PDF DOC  
Aviation PDF DOC  
Barbering PDF DOC  
Basketry PDF DOC  
Beekeeping PDF DOC 30May17
Bird Study PDF DOC 29May17
Botany PDF DOC  
Bookbinding PDF DOC 28May17
Botany PDF DOC  
Business PDF DOC  
Carpentry PDF DOC 22Nov16
Chemistry PDF DOC  
Coconut Growing PDF DOC 07Jan18
Computers PDF DOC  
Cooking PDF DOC  
Crop Production PDF DOC 07Jan18
Cycling PDF DOC 30May17
Drafting PDF DOC  
Dramatics PDF DOC  
Duck Raising PDF DOC 30May17
Electronics PDF DOC  
Engineering PDF DOC 17Dec16
Environment PDF DOC  
Farm Management      
Firemanship PDF DOC  
Fish Culture      
Food Processing      
Forestry PDF DOC  
Fruit Cultivation      
Handicraft PDF DOC  
Hiking PDF DOC  
Hobbies and Collections PDF DOC 28May17
Hog Raising      
Home Repairs PDF DOC  
Horsemanship PDF DOC  
Insect Study      
Interpreting PDF DOC 28May17
Journalism PDF DOC  
Livestock Raising      
Machine Shop Practice PDF DOC 05Jun17
Masonry PDF DOC  
Metal Work      
Music PDF DOC  
Nature Lore      
Painting PDF DOC  
Pathfinding PDF DOC  
Personal Health PDF DOC  
Pet Care PDF DOC  
Photography PDF DOC  
Pigeon Raising      
Pioneering PDF DOC  
Plumbing PDF DOC 22Nov16
Poultry Raising      
Printing PDF DOC 06Jan18
Public Health PDF DOC  
Public Speaking PDF DOC  
Rabbit Raising      
Radio PDF DOC  
Reading PDF DOC  
Reptile and Amphibian Study      
Rizal Lore PDF DOC  
Ropework PDF DOC  
Scholarship PDF DOC  
Seamanship PDF DOC  
Signaling PDF DOC  
Snorkeling PDF DOC  
Team Sports PDF DOC  
Wildlife Conservation PDF DOC  
Wood Carving PDF DOC  
Wood Work      


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