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BTC Kawan Leader Handouts

These handouts organized and shared courtesy of Minister Leonides T. Son of Manila Council, BSP. These files were recently updated as of August 17, 2007.

Basic Training Courses may not be conducted by any leader using the handouts provided here. These handouts are here simply as references and should not be used to conduct unauthorized training courses. Basic Training Courses can only be conducted with the authorization of the National Headquarters of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

01 Defining the Course Objectives (15KB)

02 Smartness and Good Order (138KB)

03 A Brief History of Scouting (67KB)

04 The Structure of WOSM and the BSP (48KB)

05 The Scouting Fundamentals (34KB)

06 The Youth Program (28KB)

07 The KAB Scout Program (14KB)

08 Know the KAB Scout (24KB)

09 KAB Scout Ideals (36KB)

10 Values Development in KAB Scouting (25KB)

11 Spiritual Development in KAB Scouts (28KB)

12 The BSP and You (27KB)

13 Spirit Builders in KAB Scouting (50KB)

14 The Outdoor Program (23KB)

15 The Advancement Scheme (38KB)

16 Teaching KAB Scout Skills (136KB)

17 Annual Program Planning (40KB)

18 The KAB Scout Campfire (23KB)

19 Ceremonies in KAB Scouting (33KB)

20 The Kawan Leader's Job (27KB)

21 The Rights of a Child (31KB)

22 Color Group Meeting (40KB)

23 The Kawan Meeting (27KB)

24 Kawan Organization and Administration (67KB)

25 Course Summary (31KB)


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