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  1. Present a freehand drawing of geometric objects grouped together, decorative pattern, or architectural motif.

  2. Draw without accurate measurements, the five (5) orders of classical architectures - the drawings being of the character of sketches, but preserving the properties.

  3. Write an outline of the important periods of architectural development, giving the name of each style and the architects identified with it.

  4. Write a brief historical outline of the development of architecture in the Philippines, and name important architects identified with each period.

  5. Submit an original design of a two-story house - with a list of materials necessary for its construction, giving an outline of specifications, the design to consist of working drawings at scale drawn in ink or pencil on tracing paper suitable for printing.

  6. Present clippings of at least five (5) examples of the following styles of architecture, giving the name of their architects and country identified with each:
    1. Classical
    2. Romanesque
    3. Gothic
    4. Renaissance
    5. Contemporary International

  7. Submit sketches of typical Malay, Indian (Hindu), Japanese, Chinese, Muslim, or any oriental style of architectural motifs and decorations.

  8. Present a miniature model of an ideal and well-planned town-site or campsite.


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