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Citizenship in the Community

  1. Prepare a written outline of the history of your community including such known information as who the first settlers were, when they came, important historical events, and people who figured prominently in the growth of the community.

  2. Mark or point out on a map of your community:
    1. Principal government buildings
    2. Fire station (fire brigade), police station (outpost), hospital or puericulture center, schools or churches
    3. Main highways and/or feeder roads to neighboring cities or towns
    4. Nearest railroad and/or bus station, piers and airport, if any
    5. Chief industries (principal sources of income or livelihood)
    6. Historical spots and other points of interest

  3. From newspapers, radio, forums or other sources of public information and discussion, gather opinions on both sides of a public issue and give your own ideas on it.

  4. Draw a diagram of the organizational structure of your provincial or city government, showing its executive, legislative, and judicial branches, and tell briefly what each branch performs.

  5. Do two of the following:
    1. Draw a diagram of the organizational structure of your barrio, town, or city government showing the top officials, courts, and administrative departments. Indicate who among these officials are elected and who are appointed. Give the names of these officials.
    2. Know and tell how to do at least seven of the following in your community:
      1. Report a fire
      2. Report an automobile accident
      3. Call a physician and/or an ambulance
      4. Report damage to electric power, gas, or water supply system
      5. Report damage to or need of repairs on streets, roads, bridges, or sewerage system
      6. Obtain a bicycle license
      7. Obtain a dog license
      8. Report a mad dog scare
      9. Report a contagious disease
      10. Call a veterinarian
      11. Obtain a building permit
      12. Obtain help from a representative of the agricultural agency in your locality
      13. Report to the authority the commission of crime such as robbery, theft, burglary, illegal cockfighting, gambling, etc.
      14. Report to the authority traffic violations
      15. Report to the authority election violations
    3. Visit one department of your local government and report on what services it offers for the community; or, attend a court session or a public meeting of a government body and report what takes place.
    4. Know how much it costs to run your local government for one year; how your money is obtained and for what it is chiefly spent. Tell what kinds of taxes your family pays in meeting your cost.

  6. Discuss with your family or Counselors in what ways Scouting helps to train you for citizenship and give examples of democracy at work in your Outfit.

  7. Take an active part and vote regularly in elections of officers and matters of business in your Outfit, school and other groups to which you belong.

  8. List and briefly describe the work of several civic organizations other than the Boy Scouts of the Philippines through which people of your community work together for the general welfare by way of serving the youth, safeguarding public health or safety, disaster relief, care of orphans, aid to the poor, providing recreational facilities, promoting good business or better farming, improving labor conditions, or general civic improvement.

  9. Do one of the following:
    1. Identify the principal political parties or factions of parties in your community or province, and explain briefly their points of view on one public issue of which they disagree.
    2. Describe at least one vocation opportunity offered in your community in some form of public service. Tell what personal qualifications are needed for the job.

  10. List and explain at least five privileges and forms of protection you enjoy as a citizen in your community, and describe your obligations to the community

  11. With the advice of your Outfit Advisor and Merit Badge Counselor, plan your own program of community service, and give at least 10 hours of your time in carrying it out; or give 10 hours of community service in a project carried out by your Outfit.


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