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Coconut General Information
Food Market Place: Coconuts
Pest of Coconut and Oil Palms
United Coconut Association
Merit Badge Worksheet

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Coconut Growing

  1. Tell the value of coconut as food.

  2. Give some examples of the uses of the various parts of a coconut tree.

  3. Discuss briefly the soil and climate requirements of the coconut tree. Tell how coconut seedlings are prepared.

  4. Describe briefly the following:
    1. How to establish a one-hectare coconut plantation.
    2. How to care for a newly-planted coconut plantation.
    3. How to care for an old coconut plantation.
    4. How coconut is harvested in your locality, and how often it is done.

  5. Name the most destructive pests and diseases of coconuts. Describe how each pest or disease can be controlled.

  6. Explain the importance of coconuts and its many products in the world market.


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