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Computer Cards (Hollerith Tabulator)
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Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Tell what computers are, and briefly describe their history. Tell what data processing is, and how it is used.

  2. Name the four major components of a computer system, and describe the function of one component in detail.

  3. Build a simple model of one of the following that will help you to illustrate it s function in detail - core storage, drum storage, or disk storage.

  4. Describe the differences and uses of analog and digital computers. Explain the Hollerith and Powers codes, and their roles in computers.

  5. Obtain your local post office Zip code and convert it to binary.

  6. Using the flow-chart diagram method, show the steps necessary in setting up a campsite.

  7. Name four different uses of computers in business.

  8. Convert your full name to each of the following codes - Hollerith, binary-coded decimal, and eight-channel standard code.

  9. Be able to tell your Merit Badge Counselor in your own words the meaning of the following: functional units, storage, input and output devices, random access, on-line system, central processing unit, magnetic ink character, information retrieval, solid-state components, nanosecond, stored program, console, optical reader, and register.

  10. Do any two of the following:
    1. Arrange with your Counselor to visit a local data-processing installation.
    2. Obtain and read two pieces of information about data processing other than the manufacture's literature. Summarize what you read for the Counselor.
    3. Write a 500-word report on the various types of specialist occupations available in the data-processing field. Include educational requirements and average wage brackets when possible.
    4. Show your Counselor five examples of data-processing output, or tape, cards, or report form used.

  11. Do the following:
    1. Construct an analog adder and explain its operation.
    2. Construct a card reader, demonstrate it to your Counselor, and explain to him the difference between the Hollerith code and the internal machine code.


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