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  1. Make a food list, showing cost and amount needed to feed your entire Patrol, using a prepared balanced menu covering three whole days of camping.

  2. Make a list of the utensils needed to cook and serve meals for your Patrol.

  3. While in camp, show the proper way of handling and storing food under sanitary conditions, and the correct way of washing dishes and utensils for both kitchen and table. Practice the correct and environment-friendly way to dispose of garbage, cans, paper, and other rubbish by burning them or by the use of a trash bag.

  4. Serve satisfactorily as cook of your Patrol/Crew or Troop/Outfit for at least three meals using a prepared menu.

  5. Do the following:
    1. Build a fireplace out of stone, brick, clay, logs, or other locally-gathered materials, or dig a fireplace in the ground, and show the proper way of storing firewood.
    2. Build fire in the fireplace you have built - and after its use, remove the traces that it has been used as one.
    3. With an economical budget and considering proper nutrition and taste, prepare meals for at least four persons - including rice, soup, meat or fish, vegetables, a salad, and a native desert which requires cooking. Time your cooking so that courses will be ready to be served at the proper time.
    4. Set the table, properly sheltered, for a meal for at least four persons.
    5. Serve the meal in accordance with good table manners, and clean up after eating.


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