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  1. Make a rough sketch of your Troop meeting room or a room in your church, school, or home. From it, submit a finished scale floor plan - such drawing to be properly titled to indicate by accepted conventional symbols all openings, equipment, and safety devices. Name the drawing instruments used.

  2. Submit a scale drawing of some piece of craftwork for use in home, school, Troop meeting place or camp, which is sufficiently clear and detailed to be used by somebody else as a working basis for making the article. The drawing should include a bill of materials with an estimate of costs.

  3. Submit drawing made by yourself of each of the following:
    1. Orthographic and isometric projections of an object other than those specified in Requirement Numbers 1 and 2.
    2. Reduce or enlarge a simple scale drawing approved by your Counselor, indicating the scale of enlargement or reduction you have used.

  4. Make an ink tracing of the craftwork in Requirement Number 2, and submit the cost of reproducing drawing by blue-printing, photostating, or other methods of reproduction.

  5. Submit a hand-lettered poster or bulleting approximately 60 x 70 centimeters - for use by a school, church, Troop or Council; or submit a hand-lettered personal greeting card for someone's birthday, a holiday, or other similar occasions.


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