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  1. Show that you are familiar with the outstanding period in the history of drama, beginning with Greek drama and including Philippine drama.

  2. Submit evidence that you have taken part in a play presented to an audience of at least fifty persons, such part to be of sufficient importance to give you the opportunity to display your dramatic ability.

  3. Submit a one-act play written by yourself, of at least twenty (20) minutes duration - preferably on a subject connected with Scouting with a Philippine setting - with a sketch of the set for such play, indicating left and right of stage, back drop, proscenium, etc.

  4. Through an oral quiz, using your own play in Requirement Number 3 to illustrate, show a knowledge of the fundamental elements of a play - like plot, characterization, and dialogue. Point out some of the elements of the plot - such as conflict, surprise, rising action, climax, etc. Show why the dialogue should be natural and brief, and accompanied by action.

  5. Make yourself up as an old man.

  6. Present to the Counselor a list of five entertainment features which you can give at a moment's notice - either alone or with others - suitable for campfires, Troop meetings, or general gatherings, and present any two selected by the Counselor from such list.


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