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Merit Badge Worksheet

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Earn Green!


  1. Take at least 10 of the saplings that you have grown while achieving the Grow Green MB to an official BSP sanctioned tree planting activity/saplings buyer near your location.


  2. Sell your saplings to the authorized BSP sapling buyer at the planting area and earn some pocket money for your efforts.

  3. Bring and plant your saplings to the designated planting site.

  4. Record the following: (a) date of the tree planting activity; (b) vanue of the planting site; (c) number of trees sold and planted by the scout; and (e) signature and name of activity officer attesting to this activity.


  5. If you have successfully sold and planted 10 or more of your saplings, have your MB card below, signed by the MB counselor at the designated planting activity site.


Note: The price for the purchase your saplings will be based on the tree species, size and condition of your sapling. Please surf for more details and schedule of planting activities nationwide.


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