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Emergency Preparedness

  1. Earn the First Aid Merit Badge.

  2. Tell what you would do to prevent injury and possible loss of life to you and others in each of the following situations: Fire or explosion at home or in a public building, car stalled in a secluded place, motor vehicle accident, mountain accident, food poisoning, boating accident, search for lost persons, gas leak, earthquake, flood, typhoon, lighting, nuclear fallout, avalanche (rock), and landslide.

  3. Demonstrate and explain how you could safely save a person from the following situations:
    1. Touching a live electric wire
    2. A room filled with carbon monoxide or other fumes or smoke
    3. Clothes on fire
    4. Drowning using non-swimming rescues (including river, sea or beach accidents)

  4. Tell the things a group of Scouts should be prepared to do, the training needed and the safety precautions to be taken for the following emergency situations:
    1. Crowd and traffic control
    2. Messenger service and communication
    3. Collection and distribution services
    4. Group feeding, shelter and sanitation

  5. Demonstrate the following:
    1. Three ways of attracting and communicating with rescue planes or helicopters
    2. The proper use of ropes and lines for rescue work by doing the following:
      1. Tie knots for joining lines, shortening or adjusting lines and lashings
      2. Lower a person from a height sufficient to show how a rescue is done
      3. Coil and accurately throw light and heavy 50-foot heaving lines

  6. Prepare a written plan for mobilizing your Troop for emergency service. Prepare an "emergency kit" for use by your Patrol or your family.

  7. Participate in one emergency service.


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