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  1. Know what high school preparation is required for admission to an accredited engineering college.

  2. Briefly describe the type of work done by an engineer and explain how the following branches of engineering benefit our society: aeronautical engineer, chemical engineer, civil engineer, computer engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, mining engineer, and metallurgical engineer.

  3. With the assistance of your Merit Badge Counselor, make an inspection trip to a manufacturing or processing plant, or an engineering project in your locality. Discuss the activities with an engineer on the project or plant. Prepare a report describing the inspection trip emphasizing those features that involve engineering knowledge and skills.Do any three of the following:
    1. Design a cam, linkage, gear train, or other mechanical device for transforming motion. Prepare a working drawing and build a working model from wood, plastic, or metal.
    2. Design and build a simple electrical or electronic device such as an amplifier, radio receiver, or an electric motor.
    3. Show by diagram how forces are distributed in a lock bridge carrying a 100-kilogram load at the center, if the two members are inclined thirty degrees above the horizontal.
    4. Explain with the aid of a diagram, and calculate how much it would cost to pump 100,000 gallons of water from sea level into a reservoir whose surface is at 550 feet elevation - if electric power costs P 2.50 per kilowatt-hour, and motor efficiency is 80 percent, and 5 percent of the water is lost in leaks along the way.
    5. Write a report explaining how energy in a fuel is converted into useful work in a typical machine such as an automobile, diesel tractor, drilling machine, airplane, rocket, or turbine engine. Use sketches and diagrams to illustrate the process.
    6. Select with the advice of your Merit Badge Counselor, a busy street or other traffic artery in the community. Go to the location and make a study of the traffic flow both in periods of light and heavy traffic. Obtain from an appropriate local official the predicted increase and population over the next five years. Report on the investigation, including your plan on how the traffic situation five hears hence might be alleviated at the particular location.
    7. Set up a distilling apparatus with and without a fractionating column. Draw a graph of product purity versus percent distilled. Explain why better results are obtained with a fractionating column.
    8. Demonstrate how to use one device for obtaining engineering measurements such as transit, builder's level, micrometer calipers, Wheatstone bridge, potentiometer, thermocouple for measuring stroboscopic tachometer, oscilloscope, and frequency counter.
    9. Set up a device for measuring heat transfer. Draw a graph plotting heat transfer versus rate of flow. Explain why better heat transfer is obtained with a high rate of low than with a low rate of flow.
    10. In place of one activity under this requirement, the Merit Badge Counselor may choose subjects that will make use of engineering activities in the local area.


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