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Grow Green!

Start a photo scrap book to document your completion of the requirements of this Grow Green Merit Badge. If you have done the "Go Green Merit Badge" during any BSP sanctioned Go Green Nursery activity you may proceed to Requirement No. 3. If not, you have to start with Requirement No. 1 below.

  1. Collect and choose the seeds that you are going to sow. You can research through the Internet or neighborhood farmer, for the kinds and types of seeds that are appropriate to the climate and land condition in your area. 16 to 20 seeds are the suggested number of seeds that you are going to sow. Take a photo of your chosen seeds.

  2. Sow the 16 to 20 seeds in the seed bag, seed box, empty cans, recycled plastic containers, etc., and using good quality of soil/compost. Have someone take a photo of yourself, while doing the actual sowing of seeds.

  3. After several days, the seeds will sprout and grow to the appropriate size for transfer/potting to seedling plastic bags, empty soft drink cans or any kind of empty water containers in the appropriate size for your sprouts to grow into seedlings. Have someone take a photo of yourself, while doing the actual potting. You must produce at least 12 seedlings at one time.

  4. When your seedlings grow to at least 3 feet in height you may transfer them into sapling plastic bags or any large empty 6 liter or larger plastic/clay pot container (mineral water, clean paint pail etc)

  5. After a year or more, a Scout should have large saplings from about 4 to 6 feet tall.  This is the right time to plant all those saplings into their permanent planting site. Have someone take a photo of yourself together with your saplings. You must produce at least 12 saplings by this time.

  6. You must plant at least one of your saplings in a properly designated planting area in your home, neighborhood, school or community. Have someone take a photo of yourself planting your sapling.

If your parent/guardian or Adult Leader is satisfied that you have successfully completed the requirements above, you can have him/her sign your Merit Badge card below. Show your photo scrap book and this properly signed requirement form to your unit leader so he can certify and officially sign your Grow Green Merit Badge card.

Once you have earned your Grow Green Merit Badge You are automatically considered to have also earned the Go Green Merit Badge.

Please register the successful completion of the Go and Grow Green Merit Badges in the official BSP web portal.


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