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DIY Masonry Heaters & Building Codes
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Masonry Basics
Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Know what masonry is. Differentiate it from cement work.

  2. Prepare plans for a useful masonry structure, such as a wall or an outdoor fireplace. Lay it out on the ground. Dig as needed for a foundation of solid concrete mixed by yourself.

  3. Demonstrate the use of mason tools correctly.

  4. Point out examples of course ashlar and rubble construction.

  5. Do any three of the following:
    1. Lay a stepping stone or flagstone walk.
    2. Plan and mold something ornamental in concrete.
    3. Build a useful, dry masonry structure, such as an outdoor fireplace.
    4. Plaster or stucco a wall or ceiling.
    5. Visit a rock quarry or a factory where masonry materials are made. Report on your visit.
    6. Visit a hollow block factory.

  6. Find out what jobs there are in masonry. Choose one in which you are interested. Report on the qualifications you must have for the job. Tell what the working conditions are.


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