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Physical Fitness

  1. Submit evidence of your general medical examination done within the year. State what has been or will be done to correct conditions needing remedial measures.

  2. Do the following:
    1. Have yourself examined by your dentist. Tell how to care for your teeth.
    2. Tell about your daily health habits and the care of your skin, hands, fingernails, toenails, eyes, ears and nose.

  3. Explain how to ventilate a sleeping room properly. Give the number of hours of sleep needed by a person of your age. Explain why a person should sleep by himself and what distance should separate your bed from others. Explain and how proper breathing and how it affects health.

  4. Explain the following:
    1. How disease is spread by drinking water, common drinking cups, dirty dishes, dirty dish towels, soiled bath towels, unpasteurized milk and personal contacts
    2. The essential foods for the daily diet of a person of your age and why you should observe good eating habits
    3. Diseases against which you may be immunized or protected
    4. How the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs can be harmful to you
    5. The value of clean moral habits to general health

  5. Do the following:
    1. Record your best scores in the following tests: push-ups, jump-reach, run-walks and sit-ups
    2. Set goals to reach during the next 30 days
    3. Do daily exercise and keep a record for 30 days or until your goals are met.

  6. With your Outfit Advisor and Counselor, accomplish the following physical fitness tests. (Earn a minimum of not less than 200 points which must come from not more than five events):
    • Physical Fitness Test #1 - Swimming (50 points maximum)
      • 15 meters speed swim - 5 points for each second faster than 25 seconds
      • Distance Swim - 50 points for swimming 500 meters, 25 points for swimming 250 meters
    • Physical Fitness Test #2 - Arm Strength (50 points maximum)
      • Pull-Ups - 10 points for each pull-up
      • Push-Ups - 2 points for each push-up
      • Archery - 5 points for every bulls-eye
    • Physical Fitness Test #3 - Abdominal Power (50 points maximum)
      • Bent-Knee Sit-Ups - 1 point for each sit-up
    • Physical Fitness Test #4 - Speed Running (50 points maximum)
      • 50-Yard Dash - 2 points for each 1/10 of a second faster than 11 seconds
      • 40-Yard Shuttle Run - 2 points for each 1/10 second faster than 15 seconds
    • Physical Fitness Test #5 - Endurance Running or Walking (50 points maximum)
      • 600-Yard Run-Walk - 1 point for each second faster than 3 minutes and thirty seconds
      • One-Kilometer Walk - 10 points for each minute faster than 20 minutes
    • Physical Fitness Test #6 - Jumping (50 points maximum)
      • Standing Long Jump - 5 points for each inch over 4 feet
      • Vertical Jump and Reach - 5 points for each inch over 7 inches
    • Physical Fitness Test #7 - Body Coordination (50 points maximum)
      • Basketball Throw - 2 points for each foot over 30 feet
      • Softball Throw - 1 point for each foot over 70 feet
      • Archery - 5 points for every bulls-eye

  7. Explain in a discussion with your Counselor, how a Scout can serve others by being physically fit.


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