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Merit Badge Worksheet

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Pigeon Raising

  1. Do the following:
    1. House at least two flock units (two pairs) of pigeon having selected the particular breed or variety of squab, racing, or exhibition pigeon which you have decided to develop as a project for this Merit Badge. Give reasons for such selection.
    2. Care for such flock units for sufficient time to raise to maturity at least two pairs form each original pair of birds.

  2. Submit a rough sketch drawn to approximate scale showing size, location, and interior equipment of loft or coop and aviary. Describe briefly equipment you have made.

  3. Submit a brief formula for seeds and grit used, and an outline of a week's schedule of feeding - indicating whether you have mixed the ration, or used a commercial brand.

  4. Submit a brief report covering the method and schedule of sanitation, your experience with mice, vermin, or any other difficulties you had overcome in handling this project.

  5. Present an itemized account of all birds sold or disposed of while undertaking your project or a statement of flock increase in number and approximate current market value.

  6. Present an itemized account of all expenditures for stock, quarters, equipment, and other incidental items.


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