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Reptile and Amphibian Study

  1. Make sketches from your own observation, showing markings and color patterns of five reptiles and three amphibians found in your province, and record the habitat and habits of each species.

  2. Know approximately the number of species and general distribution of reptiles and amphibians in the Philippines.

  3. Describe how reptiles and amphibians reproduce themselves.

  4. Given ten (10) superstitions about snakes, and correct explanation in each case.

  5. Identify five poisonous snakes and lizards found in the Philippines, and describe their habits. Name those found in your own province. Demonstrate first aid treatment for snake bite.

  6. List ten (10) reptiles or amphibians useful to man either as food or in controlling insects or rodent pests, and state how food is taken. List food habits of each species. If there are laws for their protection, tell reasons why they are protected.

  7. From actual observation, describe how reptiles move forward. Describe the functions of the muscles, ribs, and belly plates.

  8. Describe the outstanding differences between the following: alligators and crocodiles, toads and frogs, newts and other salamanders, salamanders and lizards.

  9. Maintain in a terrarium, aquarium, or properly constructed cage one or more reptiles or amphibians (non-poisonous only) for at least a month. Record the food accepted, the method employed in eating, changes in color or skin shedding, and general habits during this period. Or keep the eggs of one amphibian or reptile from the time of laying until hatching, and record the length of time required for hatching and the method of hatching.

  10. Go out at night and identify three kinds of toads or frogs by their voices. Stalk each with a flashlight and discover how each sings, and from where (water, in tree, etc.). Imitate for your Counselor the song of each; or take a recognizable photograph of a turtle, a snake, and an amphibian. Photographs must be from living specimens.


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