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How to Use a Compass
Rope Works
SailNet Seamanship
Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Demonstrate the correct way of whipping, coiling, and flinging a rope using at least a one-inch diameter rope. Describe the characteristics of three different types of rope commonly used by seamen.

  2. Using at least a one-inch diameter rope, make the following, and explain the practical uses in seamanship of each type:
    1. At least three kinds of knots used by seamen
    2. Two bends
    3. Two kinds of hitches
    4. A short splice

  3. Demonstrate on sail cloth the use of palm and needle, and in making the following:
    1. A herring-bone stitch
    2. Both flat and round seams

  4. Demonstrate the following:
    1. Making a line fast to a cleat, ring-bolt, and file
    2. A simple whip
    3. A single block tackle
    4. A double block tackle

  5. Describe and explain the uses of a snatch block, and a becket.

  6. Do any four of the following:
    1. Box the compass to 32 points. Explain the quarter point and degree systems, compass deviations, and compass variations. Know the importance of the North Star to seamen.
    2. Have working knowledge of weather and tides, and coast and geodetic survey charts. Understand buoyage systems as used on coastwise harbors, rivers, and bays.
    3. Describe at least two kinds of anchors, and the uses and outstanding features of a lead line.
    4. Know what lights and other equipment are required by law for the following:
      1. a power-driven pleasure boat of class 2
      2. a power-driven motor boat under 26 feet
      3. sailing vessels
    5. Understand proper flying of the ensign, jack, and two other flags commonly used on commercial or pleasure crafts.
    6. Know the following:
      1. what the danger sector is when two vessels are approaching
      2. what signals are used when a vessel is passing - to the left, to the right, by a sailing vessel lying at anchor in fog, and by a power-driven vessel
      3. two types of distress signals commonly used at sea other than the radio
    7. Do the following:
      1. Fully dressed (in shoes, trousers, and jumper or coat), jump overboard in deep water, undress, and accompanied by a boat, swim 100 meters under supervision of your Counselor
      2. Demonstrate the proper use of a life-belt and a life-buoy

  7. Do the following:
    1. Handle a rowboat with a pair of oars, and with a single oar (sculling)
    2. Launch and land a rowboat or banca properly from and to shore. Bring rowboat or banca alongside a pier, properly assist a passenger into the boat, row twenty meters, come back to pier, and assist passenger safely and properly from boat
    3. Handle correctly some type of boat, under sail on all points of sailing, getting underway, reefing, docking, and anchoring.


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