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Bird Study

  1. Tell how you have acquired your knowledge of birds, whether through books or through actual field study.

  2. From actual observations, tell about the following:
    1. How many species of birds you have observed in your neighborhood, or in a farm nearest to your home.
    2. What species disappear during certain seasons of the year, and when they disappear.

    1. Give the common names in English (or your native dialect) ten (10) birds you have personally observed.
    2. Tell where you observed them.
    3. Tell something about the size, coloring, habits, nesting, and general movements of each bird.

    1. Give reasons why birds need protection, especially the endangered Philippine Eagle.
    2. Tell how birds are protected in the Philippines.
    3. Tell how bird protection is enforced in this country.
    4. Tell why schools and similar entities should help disseminate information on bird protection.
    5. Tell what you have done to persuade others not to destroy bird life. Show evidence of some constructive piece of work done to extend protection to bird life in the Philippines.


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