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Insect Zoo Cam
Raising Butterflies and Moths
Merit Badge Worksheet

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Insect Study

  1. Tell how insects are different from all other animals. Show the differences between insects, spiders, and centipedes.

  2. Point out and name the main parts of an insect.

  3. Collect and mount fifteen (15) different species. Label each one with common and scientific names where possible. Show your collection your Troop or Patrol.

  4. Tell something about the histories and habits of the fifteen insects collected - where each is likely to be found, what it eats, the different stages of its life; how it sees, hears, smells, feels; and with what plants, animals, birds, and other insects it is associated.

  5. Tell how insects fit in the food chains of other insects, fish, birds, and mammals.

  6. From your insect collection, identify:
    1. Five (5) species of insects helpful to man. Tell how they are helpful.
    2. Five (5) species of insects harmful to man. Tell how they are harmful.

  7. Tell things that make social insects different from solitary insects.

  8. Compare the life histories of a butterfly and a grasshopper. Explain how they are different. Raise a butterfly or a moth from a caterpillar.


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