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Bosshards Printing Primer
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  1. Using the letterpress printing process:
    1. Set a paragraph of type by hand from manuscript copy.
    2. Read and mark proof correctly.
    3. Set type for a display card or an advertising handbill.
    4. Run 100 copies of the job in Requirement Number 3 on a 10 x 15 or a smaller job press. Demonstrate the correct method of inking, setting gauge pins, use of make-ready, feeding accuracy, and washing up press.

  2. Or, using the silk-screen process:
    1. Make a stencil screen and base.
    2. Print at least fifty copies of a poster, greeting card, T-shirt design, etc.

  3. Or, using the offset printing process:
    1. Produce a finished piece of publicity - such as a newspaper, bulleting, poster, etc., the size of which is determined by the offset duplicator, or offset press employed.
    2. Prepare properly all materials and illustrations needed for the above, to include the preparation of flats for photographing, and its transfer into pre-sensitized plates.


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