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Animated Knots
Knots: UK Scouting Resources
Rope Works
Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Explain the following:
    1. The development of ropes
    2. Kinds of ropes and their uses
    3. How to take care of ropes
    4. The weakening effects of knots

  2. Show how to tie the following knots, and explain their uses:
    1. Square Knot
    2. Fisherman's Knot
    3. Sheet Bend (Weaver's Knot)
    4. Slippery Sheet Bend
    5. Double Carrick Bend
    6. Two Half-Hitches
    7. Timber Hitch
    8. Clove Hitch
    9. Bowline
    10. Man-Harness Knot
    11. Packer's Knot
    12. Sheepshank
    13. Bowline on a Bight
    14. Scaffold Hitch
    15. Tautline Hitch

  3. After showing how to tie the knots in Requirement Number 2, submit a knot-board to your Counselor showing all the knots.

  4. Show and explain the knots to be applied in making the following:
    1. Constructing a pergola
    2. Arches and gateways
    3. Repairing the broken leg of a chair
    4. Tying bundles of firewood
    5. Make a 20-foot ladder with wooden rungs


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