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Machine Embroidery
Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Show how to operate, thread, and take care of a sewing machine.

  2. Identify and tell the uses of the following basic tools for tailing: tape measure, tailor's square, scissors, tracer, tailor's chalk.

  3. Name the different parts of a pair of trousers and a casual shirt.

  4. Show how to take the measurements for making pajamas and athletic pants. Draft the pattern and make a pair of pajamas or athletic pants.

  5. Explain why certain fabrics should be soaked first in water and drip-dried preparatory to cutting the cloth.

  6. Explain what is sanforized cloth.

  7. Repair or remodel one of the following:
    1. Worn out collar
    2. Too short of too long trousers
    3. Tight or loose trouser waistline


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