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Scout Advancement Process

There are four steps in advancement:

  • Preparation
  • Examination
  • Review
  • Recognition


A boy, knowing what is required of him, prepares to earn a requirement through his participation in regular Scouting activities of the unit. His preparation can be done on his own as well or with the help of his fellow Scouts from his unit or Patrol/Crew.


Once a Scout believes he is ready, he presents himself to be examined for a requirement. The requirement should be taken at face-value, that is, if it stated that he should "Explain" he should do no more, or no less, than explain what needs to be explained, if it stated "Demonstrate" he should do no more, or no less, than demonstrate what needs to be demonstrated. The examination is not a formal examination such as those done in school.

A Scout can be examined by members of his Patrol/Crew or Troop/Outfit who have already earned the badge he is being examined for. In the case of a Merit Badge, he should only be examined by the Merit Badge Counselor or those the Merit Badge Counselor accepts as examiners.

Once the Merit Badge Counselor signs off the application, the boy can now appear before a board of review for the Merit Badge.

In the case of advancement ranks, the boy must also undergo a conference with the Troop Leader/Outfit Advisor. This is an informal conference where the unit leader does a check-up on the Scout on he is doing and get a feedback from the Scout if he is enjoying himself in the program. When the unit leader is satisfied with the Scout's progress, he signs off for the boy to appear before a board of review.


The Board of Review is a panel of adults who are considered friend of Scouting. They can be members of your Institutional Scouting Committee, a member of the parish the Scout goes to, or other adults who cares about the boys progress. Their duty to to make sure that the boy is getting the most out of his Scouting advancement. It is not their place to test the Scout or find faults in him. They will however, make the ultimate decision on whether the Scout is conferred the badge.

Once the Board of Review confers the badge on the Scout, the unit must report this to the local council at the soonest possible time for recording and issuance of certificates.


A Court of Honor ceremony is to be arranged to present the Scout with his new Merit Badge or Rank. Parents and friends of the Scout should be invited to attend and make this ceremony a special event.

Eagle Scout Awards, the highest advancement award in Scouting, should be presented on its own special Court of Honor.


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