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"To Help Other People at All Times"

The Merit Badge Center was founded to contribute to the education of our youth through Scouting. Our purpose is to help Scouts and Scouters achieve their Scouting goals. Often, we find ourselves on the receiving end and without the help of other people, creating and maintaining this website would have been impossible. We dedicate an extremely small portion of our web space and bandwidth to the people who have lived to symbolize the point of the Scout Law of being "A Scout is Helpful".

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines
For allowing us to publish and use the Merit Badge requirements, logos, graphics, and other Boy Scout propriety materials on this website.

Christina Pavilion-Fajardo
A great friend from the Campus Crusade for Christ in De La Salle University-Manila. She was gracious enough to let me borrow her HTML book for the entire summer of 1999 when I was starting to learn web developing by myself. Currently she is actively involved with the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ within Metro Manila, particularly with De La Salle University-Manila.

Christopher Ragudo
A dedicated Scouter who once served as a professional with the Public Relations Division of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Currently he is the Outfit Advisor of Ramon Magsaysay (Cubao) High School Scouting Unit. Even before his involvement as a professional in the BSP he has been an ardent supporter of the use of the World-Wide-Web to benefit Scouting in the Philippines. He was the driving force in reviving the Internet presence of the BSP through an official website, which the BSP leadership did not support, and in giving Filipino boys the opportunity to join the Jamboree On The Internet. He continues on today as a defacto ambassador of the Merit Badge Center, promoting the website to whoever he meets.

Dr. Jacobb-Josephson Caones
He is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of the Philippines-Los Baños. He is a fellow Scouter. A fellow Wood Badge, an Eagle Scout from the Boy Scouts of America, Arrowman with the honor of Brotherhood, and has the Fourth Degree exemplification from the Knights of Columbus. He served as the charter Public Relations officer for the Eagle Scout Association of the Philippines (ESAP) in Luzon, then president of the ESAP Luzon 2 chapter. He also served as an executive board member of the Quezon City Council of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He diligently typed all the Merit Badge Requirements from the Advancement and Merit Badge Handbook into HTML encoded files and graciously housed the Merit Badge Center into his own web space until we found our permanent home. Currently, he is the Institutional Scouting Committee Chairman for Grace Christian High School in Quezon City, a captain of industry managing his own business, and completing his Certificate of Teaching Program at the Philippine Normal University. He is a very loyal Scouter, so loyal that he endured six years of cruel and unusal discrimination of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines who blatantly refused to award him his wood badge beads despite completely all the requirements.

Pastor Leonides T. Son
He is currently the National Training Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. He is a minister who has never ceased to show his faith in God. He has been instrumental in spreading the website to Scouters in training and have shared many of his resources to others through this website and other means. He is responsible in computerizing much of the handouts for the Basic Training Course for Troop Leader (available on this site) and other training materials within his council.

Michael Kauffmann
The optimist. The brains behind the Merit Badge Research Center that serves the members of the Boy Scouts of America. I hold this guy responsible for starting this idea.

Sir Peter Yu
He was the Founder and Scoutmaster Emeritus of Grace Christian High School in Quezon City. He was a mentoring figure to me during my years as an adult leader in Scouting. He never fails to provide timely advice even on matters beyond Scouting. His guidance made me a more effective Scout leader. He is now with our Great Scoutmaster. May you rest in peace sir.

Ralphie Ng
I have never met this guy and have never corresponded with him at all. But he is responsible for the fabulous graphic arts of advancement and position badges available for download on this website. His works which he shared to Leonides T. Son found its way to this website and shared to thousands of Scouts on the Internet. He is from Manila Council.

Sir Roman Sirilan III
The only person that I have referred to as My Scoutmaster. He is responsible for making me decide to join Scouting when I was in high school. Since then, he was the driving force behind my career in Scouting. I am an Eagle Scout and a Wood Badge because of his guidance.

Prof. Sonny Medina
An energetic Scouter who once served as the defacto Public Relations person of the Merit Badge Center by kick-starting the word about the existence of the website. This guy was more excited about the website than I was. He was a university professor in Manila and often rub shoulders with the Boy Scouts of the Philippines leadership. He was the adviser to the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association (TOBSPA). He is now with our Great Scoutmaster. May you rest in peace prof.

The Scouts and Scouters of the Philippines
For your continued support, words of encouragements, and must appreciated recognition.


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