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Merit Badge Counseling

Any person who is at least 18 years of age and is willing to share his skills and know-how to help Scouts in earning a Merit Badge can serve as a Merit Badge Counselor. A Merit Badge Counselor is a registered status in a local council of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.

The counselor is the prime mover of Merit Badge scheme of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. It is the counselor that provides the total Scouting experience and offer their time and expertise to help Scouts learn about the Merit Badge they are working on.

The duty of the counselor is to assist Scouts in planning and meeting the requirements set by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines for a particular Merit Badge. He provides tools such as books and his own knowledge to give the Scout more depth into the subject. He coaches the Scout through interviews and demonstration on how to do the required skills of the craft, business, or hobby. Ultimately, he determines whether or not the Scout is qualified for the merit badge and certifies the Scout.

Counselors are registered adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and are certified to be counselors within the local council or district they are registered in. Technically, Merit Badge Counselors may not work outside the jurisdiction of the council or district they are registered to serve as counselors. Registration is renewed annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does a counselor spend with a Scout earning one Merit Badge?
It may be as short as two meetings or as many as four or five, with each meeting lasting from 20 to 30 minutes. The number of meetings all depends on how difficult the requirements are and the ability of the Scout to meet those requirements. The entire earning process can last from a few days to one or two months. The counselor need not be present while the Scout work on the requirement, unless it is explicity stated that the counselor needs to be.

I have a college degree. Can I serve as a Merit Badge Counselor?
Yes of course. Although there are no educational requirement to be a counselor, proven know-how is excellent. But having a degree doesn't qualify you automatically, you must register to be a counselor with a local district or council.

How many Merit Badges can I be a counselor of?
As many as you are qualified to.

Do I need to take a qualifying exam before I am certified as a counselor?
The Boy Scouts of the Philippines does not require tests for counselors. In the case of the swimming and lifesaving merit badges, where it requires Red Cross of BSP aquatic school recognition, the qualifying test would be an indirect requirement. Generally, there are no exams required.

As a counselor, can I add, modify, or omit a requirement?
No. A Merit Badge Counselor has no authority to do so. The authority lies with the local council's advancement committee. Doing so without approval may cause problems for the Scout.

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