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Scout Citizen Rank

The Scout Citizen Rank is the fifth and the highest Scout rank under the revised Boy Scout Section Advancement Scheme that aims to provide more leadership skills and citizenship training to Boy Scouts and equipped them with the right mindset and attitude towards Love of Country and Nation-Building. This include learning life skills such as Swimming, Camping and Emergency Preparedness as well as the WSEP Aim No. 5 and Take Action project related to Environment.

  1. In your own words, explain the meaning of the Scout Oath and Law and how you relate it with your daily life.

  2. Explain how you will show respect and courtesy for Scouts with other faith or religious belief.

  3. Undertake activities that will help promote an active and a healthy lifestyle such as Fun Run, Hiking, Cycling and alike and explain its significance.

  4. With the guidance of your Troop Leader and/or any member of the family, know your rights as a child. Share and explain it to your fellow Scouts in the Patrol.

  5. Discuss with your Patrol and Troop Leader, the different stages of sexual maturity and reproductive health. Discuss how you will behave at home, school and/or in the community with your peers, friends and acquaintances of both same and opposite sex.

  6. Explain the dangers and harmful effects of smoking, alcoholism and drugs and substances abuse. Discuss with your Patrol/Troop how to prevent and avoid peer pressure to induldge in these kind of addictions.

  7. Explain what to do during emergency situations (fires, earthquakes, floods, typhoons, accidents, etc.). Demonstrate the basic first aid for nosebleed, blisters and other severe bleeding wounds.

  8. Participate in at least one (1) (Council, Regional, National) Scout Jamboree. Write an essay about your Jamboree experience.

  9. WSEP Aim No. 5: Explore and Reflect: People are prepared to respond to environmental hazards and natural disasters. Be able to recognize different types of environmental hazards and natural disasters and explain why they occur. Demonstrate how to help other people to be prepared to respond to environmental hazards and natural disasters in your local area.

  10. WSEP Take Action: Environmental project that relates to the previous learning and to the local environment. Identify local environmental issues and potential solutions. Plan and execute an environmental project. Understand the local to global connection of the project. Together with your Patrol members, plan, organize, lead, initiate and/or actively participate in at least one (1) Environmental Service Project (e.g., World Earth Day, International Coastal Clean-Up, Earth Hour, Re-cycling, Solid Waste Management, Go Green Tree Planting, etc.). Upload your Service Hours in your profile and earn your World Scout Environment Badge.

  11. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Camping

    2. Swimming

    3. Emergency Preparedness

  12. Must have successfully passed the Board of Review for Scout Citizen Rank.


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