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Eagle Scout Rank

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. Convince your parents, teachers, Scout Leaders and peers that you are doing your best to live by the Scout Oath and Law, the Scout Motto and the Senior Scout Slogan.

  2. Prove to your fellow Scouts and Leaders that you are living up to the Senior Scout Code as your personal code of conduct in your daily lives.

  3. Show proof that you have been actively and continuously fulfilling your religious obligations and write an essay about "Duty to God".

  4. Together with your fellow Scouts in the Crew and Outfit, plan, organize and conduct a "Worn-Out Flag Disposal Ceremony".

Social Activities

  1. Under the supervison of your Outfit Advisors, together with the members of your Crew and Outfit, plan, organize and conduct a cultural or social activity, either indoors or outdoors, involving members of the opposite sex.

  2. Demonstrate proper conduct in boarding and alighting from a public conveyance with a lady and/or an elderly person, and the proper decorum when you meet someone you know on the street.

  3. Explain and demonstrate appropriate manners during telephone conversation with peers and elders, respect due to women and elderly during social occasions.

Vocational Activities

  1. Attend and actively participate a Career Orientation Forum, Seminar or Symposium for Students conducted by your School and/or organizaed by any of your preferred Colleges/Universities and wirte your reflection about this activity.

  2. Discuss with your Outfit Advisor, Teacher, or Guidance Counselor about your strengths, hobbies and interest. Explain to them your 3-Year Vocational / Career Path Plan and seek advice for career path planning.

  3. Show proof that your "Scout is Thrifty" savings account is in good standing and discuss with your parents and teachers how you intend to increase your savings for the the future.

Service Activities

  1. Together with your Crew members, plan, organize and conduct with your Crew/Outfit, the Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Voluntary Service as your Eagle Scout Service Project with a minimum of 80 Hours. Upload your SWA Voluntary Service in your profile and earn your Scouts of the World Award. Join the SWA Network.

  2. Actively join and participate in training courses on Emergency Preparedness, Safety and Life Saving with BSP's Emergency Service Training Course (ESTC), LGU's DRMM Offices, the Philippine Red Cross and other Agencies and organize your Outfit Emergency Service Corps.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

  1. Together with your Crew and Outfit, volunteer to plan, organize and lead an emergency preparedness drill in your school and/or community and demonstrate how to transport an injured person and give first aid to simple and complex fratures and severe bleeding.

  2. Participate in at least 1 (Council, Regional, National) Scout Jamboree. Write an essay about your Jamboree experience and submit it to your Outfit Advisor and to your Merit Badge Counselor in Camping Merit Badge.

  3. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Life Saving

    2. World Brotherhood

    3. In addition, earn three (3) Career Elective Merit Badges


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