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Explorer Scout Rank

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. Recite and explain why Scouts must live up to the Scout Oath and Law, the Senior Scout Code, the Scout Motto, and the Senior Scout Slogan.

  2. Show how to properly execute a Scout Sign, Scout Salute and a Scout Handshake and explain when and where you to use it.

  3. Discuss with your fellow Scouts, the significant meaning of the World Scout Emblem, the Scout Badge and the Senior Scout Emblem.

  4. Explain the symbolism of the Evolution of the Philippine Flag and demonstrate how to hoist, lower, display, fold, and show respect for the Philippine Flag.

  5. Attend regular religious services with the members of your family.

Social Activities

  1. Get to know your Crew members and fellow Scouts in the Outfit, discuss with them the traditions and practices that you have observed and explain to them your commitment as Scout in the Outfit.

  2. Identify and explain the different functions and positions of Scouts and Adult Leaders in the Crew and Outfit respectively.

  3. Demonstrate an appropraite table manner and etiquette to your fellow Scout and the Outfit Advisor.

  4. Discuss with your Outfit Advisor the proper social decorum and discourse with peers and elders in a formal gathering.

  5. Explain to your fellow Scouts and Leaders the duties and responsibilities in taking care of the Crew and Outfit tools, properties and equipment.

  6. Undertake activities (e.g. fun run, cycling, mixed martial arts, boxing, swimming, hiking, etc.) in the Crew and Outfit that will help promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Vocational Activities

  1. Do some basic home repairs and improvement (e.g. home furniture, simple electricity wiring, cleaning of appliances, faucet, water tube system, etc.) to the satisfaction of your parents / guardians.

  2. Based on your locality, earn and save enough money equivalent to one-half days wage or income to pay for your Scout Type A Uniform.

Service Activities

  1. Together with your Crew members, plan, organize and conduct "Scout's Good Turn" habit through a School or Community Service Project for at least sixteen (16) hours and have it uploaded in your profile and earn your Messenger of Peace (MoP) Rign Badge for your Type A Scout Uniform. These service projects may either be related to Environment, Development and Peace.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

  1. Plan, organize and conduct a 2-5 Kilometers Crew (e.g. Rural, Urban, Historical, Ecological, Day, etc.) Hike, identify and eplain appropriate trail and traffic signs and other safety warnings and precautions. Discuss safety measure during day or night hike.

  2. WSEP Aim No. 1: Explore and Reflect. People and natural systems have clean water and clean air.

  3. WSEP Aim No. 2: Explore and Reflect. Sufficient natural habitat exists to support native species.

  4. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Safety

    2. Citizenship

    3. Physical Fitness

    4. Ropework

    5. Cooking


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