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Outdoorsman Scout Rank

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. During your Crew and Outfit Meeting, explain in your own words, the significance of the values you learned from the Scout Oath and Law, the Senior Scout Code, the Scout Motto, and the Senior Scout Slogan and how you relate it with your daily life.

  2. In your Crew/Outfit Meeting, explain and discuss with your fellow Scouts on how to show respect for Scouts and friends with other faith or religious belief.

  3. Participate in activities that will show your citizenship, civic-consciousness and patriotism.

  4. Recite and explain in your own understanding of the BSP Vision and Mission Statement.

Social Activities

  1. Identify and explain to your parents, teachers and Scout Leaders the importance of the Rights of the Child and Keeping Scouts Safe from Hard Policy of the BSP.

  2. In a Crew and Outfit Meeting, under the guidance of your Outfit Advisor, identify and explain to your fellow Scouts the physical characteristics and changes of the adolescents and young people in teen-age group including sexual maturity and reproductive health.

  3. Explain and demonstrate how to properly introduce two or more persons of different age group and of the opposite sex; cordially send and reply to formal and informal invitations and attend one formal affair with a person of the opposite sex, or with a member of your Crew and demonstrate proper social graces and etiquette.

  4. Satisfy you parents and Scout Leaders that you are in good physical condition to undertake outdoor high adventure activities and continuously living a healthy lifestyle.

Vocational Activities

  1. Earn at least three (3) Merit Badges from Livelihood Electives of your personal choice and interest.

  2. Show proo of increase in your "Scout is Thrifty" saving bank account for future use.

Service Activities

  1. WSEP Take Action: Together with your Crew members, plan, organize, leader, initiate, and/or actively participate in at least one (1) Environment Service Project (e.g. Earth Day, Coastal Clean-Up, Earth Hour, Re-cycling, Solid Waste Management, Go Green Tree Planting, etc.). Upload your Service Hours in your profile and earn your World Scout Environmental Badge. Note: WSEP Aim No. 5: Explore and Reflect must be completed first before this requirement.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

  1. WSEP Aim No. 5: Explore and Reflect. People are prepared to respond to environmental hazards and natural disasters. Be able to recognize different types of environmental hazards and natural disasters and explain why they occur. Demonstrate how to help other people to be prepared to respond to environmental hazards and (e.g. fires, earthquakes, landslide, flash flood, vehicular accident and alike) natural disasters in the local area. Explain how changes to the environment can influence environmental hazards and natural disasters.

  2. Actively participate in an emergency preparedness drill in your school and community or barangay on a regular basis.

  3. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Camping

    2. Swimming

    3. Emergency Preparedness


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