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Pathfinder Scout Rank

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. Narrate your life experience wherein you were able to show example of living up to the Scout Oath and Law, the Senior Scout Code, the Scout Motto, and the Senior Scout Slogan.

  2. Show proof of your spiritual growth and have been faithful to your religious obligations.

  3. Together with your Crew members in your school, volunteer to lead in at least three (3) flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremonies during Philippine Flag Day and/or Scouting Month.

  4. Receite the BSP Vision and Mission Statement.

Social Activities

  1. Identify and explain with your Crew members the different functions of the Outfit Program Committees and who does it helps the Crew in accomplishing their advancement requirements.

  2. Discuss with your friends, peers and fellow Scouts the harmful effects of illegal drugs and substance abuse, including alcoholism and smoking. Explain why young people engage into these activities and how you can help to avoid and prevent it.

  3. Discuss with your peers, friends, and fellow Scouts how teenagers must behave in social parties at home, school and communities with the members of the opposite sex.

  4. Explain how to show courtesy and respect to the rights and properties of others.

  5. Show proof that you are physically fit to participate in the Crew and Outfit outdoor activities and living a healthy lifestyle.

Vocational Activities

  1. Engage into simple and basic vocational and entrepreneurial activities that will help you earn and save money to help your parents.

  2. Based on your locality, earn and save enough money equivalent of two-day's wage or income and open your "Scout is Thrifty" savings bank account.

  3. Together with your Crew members, plan, organize and conduct "Scout's Good Turn" habit through a School or Community Service Project or at least twenty four (24) hours and have it uploaded in your profile. These service projects may either be related to Environment, Development and Peace.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

  1. Plan, organize and go for a 6-8 kilometers hike with your Outfit and explain with your fellow Scouts how to find directions with and without using a compass, describe and predict weather and environment condition, read common trail signs and safe hiking procedures. Sketch the rout from your home to the hike site.

  2. Must attend an Emergency Service Corps Training Course duly organized by the Local Council or its equivalent by duly recognize authorities such as Local DRRM Unit, Red Cross, BFP, PNP, AFP, etc.

  3. WSEP Aim No. 3: Explore and Reflect. The risk of harmful substances to people and the enviroment are minimized. Explain the local impact of harmful substances to people and the broader environment and what can be done by individuals, groups, and community to reduce the risk. Understand the global impact of harmful substances and how local actions can change the global environment.

  4. WSEP Aim No. 4: Explore and Reflect. The most suitable environmental practices are used. Explain how our choice of action and responsibility as an individual, group, community, and country can affect the environment. Understand how we can change our actions to improve our impact on the environment. Demonstrate how local solutions can impact global issues.

  5. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Environment

    2. Weather

    3. First Aid

    4. Signalling

    5. Navigation


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