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Second Class Scout Rank

The Second Class Scout Rank aims to offer more challenging activities related to Personal Health, Physical Fitness and Environment which promotes active and healthy lifestyle among Boy Scouts including Environment Education and the WSEP Aim No. 2. It is the second Scout rank of the Boy Scout Section that further strengthens Scout Ideals and Citizenship training among Boys.

  1. Narrate anecdotes or stories depicting the Scout Oath and Law, the Scout Motto, and the Boy Scout Slogan.

  2. Actively participate and receive religious instructions from your church/parish in observance and fulfillment of your religious services.

  3. Be familiar with the historcal background and significance of the Evolution of the Philippine Flag.

  4. Demonstrate how to properly hoist, lower, display, fold, and show respect for the Philippine Flag pursuant to the Flag Code of the Philippines.

  5. Identify the important Patrol and Troop traditions and practices that you have to observe and follow at all times.

  6. Explain the duties and responsibilities of the different Boy Leaders and Adult Leaders your Patrol and in your Troop.

  7. Explain how to take care of the properties of the Patrol and the Troop with your fellow Scouts.

  8. Do some basic repairs in your home and school to the satisfaction of your parents, guardians and teachers.

  9. A Scout is Thrifty, earn at least the equivalent of one-half day's wage based within your locality to pay for your Scout activity fees and/or membership dues to your Patrol/Troop.

  10. Discuss with your Troop Leader, the proper and courteous way of communicating with your peers and the elderly during formal and informal occasions.

  11. Together with your Patrol members, plan, organizat and conduct "Scout's Good Turn" habit through a School or Community Service Project for at least sixteen (16) hours and have it uploaded in your profile. These service projects may either be related to Environment, Development and Peace.

  12. WSEP Aim No. 2: Explore and Reflect: Explore a local natural area. Sufficient natural habitat exist to support native species. Explore a local natural area. Understand the ecosystem connections of native species of plants and animals and their habitat needs. Be aware of global conservation issues affecting biodiversity.

  13. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Personal Health

    2. Physical Fitness

    3. Environment

  14. Must have successfully passed the Board of Review for Second Class Scout Rank.


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