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Scout Service Rank

The Scout Service Rank is the fourth Scout rank under the revised Boy Scout Section Advancement Scheme which offers more activities and Merit Badges to earn including Weather, Signalling and Navigation with greater focus on outdoor skills, hiking and basic camping experiences as well as the WSEP Aim No. 4. It helps train more Boy Scouts in Leadership through community service projects.

  1. Recite the BSP Vision and Mission during your Patrol and Troop Meeting.

  2. Actively take part in religious services and church/parish based activities of your own faith or belief.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the traffic signs that are present in your locality. Religiously observe these traffic rules and regulations and explain how to properly report a vehicular accident to authorities.

  4. Tell what to do on a safe hike. Take an eight (8) kilometer hike with your Troop or your Patrol, or two (2) other Scouts using proper hiking methods and road courtesies. Sketch the route from your home to the hike site.

  5. Demonstrate how to carefully sharpen a knife or a bolo and use it in preparing firewood for cooking and/or making camp gadget.

  6. Actively participate in an emergency (fire and earthquake) drills in your school and community and share your experience with your fellow Scouts.

  7. Together with your Patrol members, plan, organize and conduct "Scout's Good Turn" habit through a School or Community Service Project for at least twenty four (24) hours and have it uploaded in your profile. These service project may either be related to Environment, Development and Peace.

  8. WSEP Aim No. 4: Explore and Reflect: The most sustainable environmental practices are used. Recognize how we are connected with the environment and how we can make informed choices about our actions that can minimize the impact on the environment. Identify what are potentially better environmental proactices for your local area. Demonstrate how local solutions can impact global issues.

  9. Earn the following Merit Badges:

    1. Weather

    2. Signalling

    3. Navigation

  10. Must have successfully passed the Board of Review for Scout Service Rank.


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