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Venturer Scout Rank

Senior Scout Ideals

  1. Satisfy your parents, teachers, Scout Leaders and peers that you are living up to the Scout Oath and Law, the Scout Motto, and the Senior Scout Slogan.

  2. Show to your fellow Scouts and Leaders that you have abide-by the Senior Scout Code in all your dealings.

  3. Take active participation in the church activities with a friend or fellow Scout of the same faith.

  4. Discuss ways and means to Develope Filipinism with younger Scouts and lower ranks.

Social Activities

  1. Make a survey of values, beliefs, and practices in your community. Examine their importance to the life of the people in the community. Analyze these values and beliefs in relation to the Scout Oath and Law and determine which values/beliefs that need to be changed, improved, or modified to make a better community. Present this to your Crew as this will form part of your Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Discovery.

  2. Together with your Crew and Outfit Members, plan, organize and conduct your Annual Outfit Scout Youth Forum invite Girl Scouts and Female Students from your Supreme Student Government Council to discuss issues and challenges affecting the lives of young people in the community.

Vocational Activities

  1. Earn the 5 Elective Merit Badges that correspond to your selected Advancement (Land, Air and Sea Scouting) Track.

Land Air Sea
  1. Hiking

  2. Nature Lore

  3. Wildlife Conservation

  4. Forestry

  5. Pioneering

  1. Astronomy

  2. Aviation

  3. Electricity

  4. Electronics

  5. Radio

  1. Seamanship

  2. Boating

  3. Snorkeling

  4. Fishing

  5. Radio

  1. Show proof of continuous growth in your "Scout is Thrifty" savings bank account for future needs.

Social Activities

  1. Together with your Crew members, plan, organize and conduct with your Crew/Outfit, the Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Discovery for a minimum of 21 Hours. Upload your SWA Discovery in your profile and be ready for the SWA Voluntary Service. Discuss and decide with your Crew which Field of Actions you would take: Environment Education, Development Education and Peace Education.

Outdoor and Indoor Activities

  1. Together with your Crew and Outfit, actively join, train and participate in your School and Community or Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRMM) Group or Patrol in coordination with the School Officials and Local Government Units.

  2. In consultation with your Outfit Advisor, plan, organize and go for a 3-day and 2-night survival expedition camp in any of the BSP Campsite or Government Accredited Natural Parks and Wildlife area and show proof that you have managed to keep yourself dry, safe, healthy and in good condition. Make an essay about this experience.

  3. Participate in at least 1 (Council, Regional or National) Scout Venture Camp and write an essay about your learnings in the Camp and submit it to your Outfit Advisor and to your Merit Badge Counselor in Camping Merit Badge.


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