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Additional Awards & Programs*

Book: On My Honor
A collection of real-life heroic deeds by Scouts of the Philippines.

These are awards and programs that augments the mainstream Scouting programs of the BSP. We are currently gathering information on these awards and programs.

  • Medal of Honor (Bronze, Silver, Gold) . For demonstrating heroism and exceptional skill or resourcefulness in saving or attempting to save the life of another at extreme, considerable, or no risk to self.

Youth Awards

  • Ave Maria Cross Award. Youth religious award for Catholic Boy Scouts.

  • God and Country Award. Youth religious award for non-Catholic Boys.

  • Honesty Award. To encourage Scouts to practice the first point of the Scout Law, "A Scout is Trustworthy".

  • Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines (TOBSP). Annual search for the best of the best among Scouts in the Philippines. Its aim is recognize Scouts who have shown outstanding qualities of school and community leadership, academic excellence, and good moral conduct.

Adult Awards

  • Medal of Merit (Bronze, Silver, Gold). For noteworthy accomplishments in connection with a Scouting activity or project that enhances the prestige of the BSP.

  • Saint Dominic Savio Award. Adult religious award for Catholic Scout leaders. Named after the patron saint of young boys and the falsly accused.

  • Service Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold). In recognition of service to the unit, institution, area, district, and local council.

  • Tamaraw Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold). For distinguished service to Scouting especially those who have served in regional, national, or international activities. The bronze and silver level may be awarded to national leaders, non-members, and outstanding overseas Scouters for distinguished services to the youth through Scouting.

  • Ten Outstanding Scoutmasters (TOSM). Annual search for the best of the best among Scoutmasters in the Philippines.

  • Usa Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold). For outstanding service to Scouting. A council may nominate one-(1) for every 2,500 registered members as of December 31st.

Special Awards

  • TOBPA Award for Community Service. Awarded by the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association (TOBSPA) for outstanding community project by all national finalist of the annual Ten Outstanding Boy Scout search. The award was named differently in the two years they've given it and none was awarded in 2007.

    • Gawad Valeriano I Abello (2005) in honor of the Scout who signaled a US Navy Destroyer to prevent the bombardment of a local village during World War II mistaken by the Americans as a Japanese encampment. He then swam towards the destroyer and gave the Americans the correct location of the Japanese encampment. The award was presented to Marwin Jogenes DC Serrano (TOBS2005).

    • Gawad Aris Canoy Espinosa (2006) in honor of the 13 year old boy scout who gave his life on January 30, 1904 by covering a granade with his own body to save the lives of children and other people in his neighborhood. The award was presented to Wilson Lloyd C. Estero (TOBS2006).

    • Gawad Rogelio Reyes Vicencio (2008) in honor of a stalwart of quality training and quality delivery of the youth program. Was an active member of the Catholic Committee on Scouting both in the Philippines and the International level. The award was presented to Ray Michael C. Adlawan (TOBS2008).
  • Asia-Pacific Regional Award for Outstanding Scout. Award given by the Asia-Pacific Region of the World Scout Bureau. In recognition of major accomplishments in Scouting, community involvement, leadership and rank, academic performance and award. The award is given every three years. The following were awardees from the Philippines:

    • Javvy Gamboa (2015)
    • Bruce Willis W. Sing (2007)
    • Glenn Niño Sartillo (2004)
    • Marvin Boni Ang Go (2001)

Other Awards

  • Mount Makiling Award. Conferred exclusively upon heads of friendly States and Governments, Crown Princes, and Honorary Vice Presidents of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines in recognition of outstanding qualities of leadership and of extraordinary services rendered to World Scouting in the promotion of universal brotherhood of men through mutual understanding and friendship among boys of all races, creeds, and climates.

  • Tanglaw ng Kabataan Award. Conferred upon a Filipino Scouter or Lay member who has rendered specially outstanding services of unusual or extraordinary nature to the youth of the Philippines through Scouting.

Additional Programs

  • Emergency Service Corps. Senior Scouts may become part of the local Council service corp. by meeting a set of requirements. Outfits may convert into their own service corp. as well.

  • Scout Mountaineers. A specialized high-adventure Scouting group.

National Associations

  • Alpha Phi Omega. Collegiate service fraternity/sorority founded under the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.

  • Association of Top Achiever Scouts (ATAS)

  • Eagle Scouts Organization of the Philippines (ESOP)

  • National Eagle Scouts Association of the Philippines (NESAPh)

  • Scouts Royale Brotherhood. A fraternity/sorority for high school students founded by members of the Alpha Phi Omega.

  • Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association (TOBSPA)

*If you have knowledge and information about any BSP-sponsored awards and programs included or not included in this section, please assist us by sending information about such awards and/or programs to We are looking out for non-Christian religious awards in existence particularly those for our brother Muslims and Buddhists, if such does exists. Thank you very much.


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