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Archery: Sport of Champions
Quicks: Starting in Archery
Merit Badge Worksheet

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  1. Name and explain the archery safety rules.

  2. Do all of the following:
    1. Name the parts of an arrow.
    2. Name the parts of a bow.
    3. Describe the following accessories: arm guard, shooting glove, finger tab, and quiver.

  3. Do all of the following:
    1. Explain proper care and how to store the bow, bowstrings, and arrows.
    2. Make a bowstring.
    3. Fletch six arrows.

  4. Explain the following terms: cast, weight of bow, fistmele, methods of aiming, spine, target arrow, field arrow, and hunting arrows.

  5. Shoot with bow and arrow one of the following:
    1. A field round for 14 targets, and make a score of 60 points.
    2. A Boy Scout field archery round for 14 targets (56 shots), and make a score of 75 points.
    3. A junior American round on a standard 48-inch target, and make a score of 250 points.
    4. d. A national indoor round for 10 targets, and make a score of 30 points.
    5. A Chicago round on a standard 16-inch target, and make a score of 250 points.

  6. Explain the following:
    1. The difference between field archery and target archery.
    2. Field round, hunter's round, animal round, Boy Scout field archery round, American and junior American rounds, national indoor round, and Chicago round.


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