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Emergency Service Corps

For Senior Scout Only. Membership must be renewed every three-(3) years.

  1. Present to your Local Scout Council a written application approved by your Parents and your Outfit Advisor to join the Emergency Service Corps. Submit written proof from certified physician that you are physically fit.

  2. Run a kilometer in 5-1/2 minutes or less.

  3. Climb a 5-meter rope, hand over hand, in not more than 15 seconds.

  4. Tie the following knots according to use:
    1. Square Knot
    2. Bowline
    3. Tautline Hitch
    4. Scaffold Hitch
    5. Clove Hitch
    6. Two Half-Hitches
    7. Bowline on a Bight
    8. Sheet Bend
    9. Catspaw
    10. Triple Bowline

  5. Earn or show proof that you have earned the following Merit Badges (in bold are Merit Badges required for Eagle Scout):
    1. First Aid
    2. Firemanship
    3. Safety
    4. Pioneering
    5. Emergency Preparedness
    6. Public Health
    7. Lifesaving
    8. Traffic Assistance
    9. Communications or Signaling

  6. Pass the BSP Emergency Service Training Course.


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