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Go Green

Participate in a BSP sanctioned "Go Green! Go for the Real Thing" activity in any nursery, tree planting, econology event or go to a professionally managed tree nursery and successfully complete the following requirements:

  1. Give an idea about the life cycle of a tree, the various sources of seeds.

  2. Explain how seeds develop and identify good quality seeds.

  3. Illustrate the proper sowing of seeds in a seed box.

  4. Demonstrate the proper way of pricking and potting of seedling into seedling bags.

  5. Show the apporpirate way to re-bag seedlings into sapling bags; and demonstrate the proper seedling and sapling care and maintenance in the plant depot area.

  6. If your Merit badge Counselor* is satisfied with your performance doing the above requirements, request him/her and your unit leader to sign your Merit Badge card after which you have already earned this merit badge.

    * Merit Badge Counselor can be any tree nursery professional whose main livelihood/business is a tree nursery that produces seedlings and saplings in commercial quantities.


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